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You may smirk, laugh, or throw your hands up and ask if this is "for real." It is, so don't knock it. Hundreds and hundreds of rolls have been dispensed to lucky winners all across the United States and Canada.

Guess what? It's your lucky day; for a limited time only (or whenever you feel like it), you can enter this weekly sweepstake for a chance to win twenty-four rolls. All you have to do is enter once and you'll remain entered for as long as you wish.

It may be hard to imagine, but in just a matter of days you could have a friendly employee of Federal Express knocking at your door and asking you to sign for a large package of toilet paper.

So here's the deal, fill out the form below to place your free entry in the sweepstake. This coming Monday you'll receive a copy of the weekly newsletter in your email.

If you don't like the newsletter, there are simple unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of the email, but beware. If you decide to unsubscribe, you will be removed from the sweepstake and will forfeit any chances to win Love it

Now, let's look at a more probable situation. You love the newsletter and you decide to remain subscribed. In this case, your name will automatically be entered in the random drawing each week; you will never have to sign up again. So go ahead and enter to win some toilet paper!

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