How to Go LIVE on YouTube with a Computer or Smartphone — 4 Ways

The US as far as price goes and I think you can get that internationally and so that’s gonna give you a lot better audio so not only do I want to select my source of my webcam I also want to select the USB microphone ok and now once you’ve got your webcam selected and your USB microphone selected you can click Next and it’s gonna give you the option to take a thumbnail now you can just click take a thumbnail 3 – boom and we’re good to go right off there that’s kind of cool and if you want to retake it you can just select on the screen retake Tv3 Malaysia

If you want or that also gives you an option to upload a custom thumbnail which I recommend because that can help your videos stand out a little bit more so either way whether you want to do a thumbnail right off your webcam or you want to click upload you can like to select something you’ve designed before and I actually have a tutorial about creating custom thumbnails really easy with free software that will post in the youtube description as well if you want to check that out now that was just the first way of going live with the new feature of a webcam simply so let’s jump into the second way and that is actually also pretty easy to do with Google Hangouts now this has actually been around for a while

And it has a few benefits over the webcam way so here’s how you set it up you actually click events in your Creator studio and you’re gonna go to new live event and inside of here you can do a title you could add the description your tags and you actually can’t set a custom thumbnail up in advance on this one so that’s kind of a disadvantage but where do you want to select over here under type is you want to select quick using Google Hangouts on air and once you set this up you can then say go live now and again it’s gonna open up a live streaming window we can still use our webcam or another source that you have plugged into your computer we could still use our USB microphone

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