HOW TO OBS Tutorial Series Scenes & Sources

The other one we can also hide and lock these however we want let me get rid of this display capture gun to add a really big background here again there it is this thing is very large this piece of art that somebody did to me did for me here so control-f make that fit right away it’s over top the other sources fix that there we go a new scene you know what let’s just copy this one hey save some time so I’m going to actually turn this off here and we’re going to add this now you don’t have to drag and drop if you don’t want to you can come down here and add image and tell it where tvmelayu

The image is but I just think dragging and dropping is easier so here’s my snails that I usually use as a background we’re going to apply a filter to this because what we have here is the website background kind of pattern thing you know where you just repeat the pattern we can make that work with the scroll filter so scroll has four features you can limit with limit height or horizontal or vertical speed now you wouldn’t want this that’s disgusting not for this anyway you would want that on maybe text as a like a marquee but for an image now we want to limit width

And height to the size of the canvas there we go now we have a background what’s next on our list of sources here audio input and output capture so bees I will go over audio and in audio inputs and stuff next video right now we’ll just add ones to show you how it works my mics are in here but not my sound card I have a USB sound card let’s go ahead and add that and choose it from the list when I add this it shows up in my mixer so you do have to add a sound card like that if you don’t do it through the settings I use this for my TV audio on some sources and it’s very uncommon for me to use that like I’m not always capturing my TV when I stream I do a lot of PC so I don’t have it in my regular audio I only have this on

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